Our Tea Selection

By the Pot or 16 ounce To Go / 3.

Black Teas

Afternoon Apricot
Ceylon, Darjeeling and organic osmanthus flowers create this aromatic cup.

Coconut Truffle
Cocoa beans, toasted coconut and organic honeybush blend for a decadent treat. Try with steamed milk and sweetener for a deliciously warming cup.

Vanilla Chai Spice
Cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and ginger. This spicy tea is blended for milk.

Lively, aromatic and flavorful. Perfect for an afternoon treat.

Ceylon, Organic
This aromatic tea with honey-chocolate notes is perfect for those who enjoy a robust cup.

English Breakfast
The traditional favorite, wonderful alone, or with a spot of milk to start your day.

Earl Grey
Fragrant oil of bergamot paired with fine Ceylon black tea for a pleasing cup.

Decaf Earl Grey Cream
Fragrant oil of bergamot is paired with a hint of vanilla for a flavor that is delicately enhanced, and a finish that is intriguingly smooth.

Decaf Ceylon Breakfast
A decaffeinated version of our classic English Breakfast blend.

Green Teas
(naturally low in caffeine)

Wild Blueberry
Sweet fresh blueberries create this healthful blend, naturally rich in antioxidants.

Jasmine Green Tea
Scented with fine jasmine petals to create a delicate and floral cup.

Sencha, Organic
Fresh and bright, a classic.

Lemon Ginger Mint
A zesty blend to perk up your day.

Decaf Tropical Green
Lush and fresh green tea combines with pineapple and papaya to create a transcendent experience.

White Teas
(naturally low in caffeine)

White Peony
Delicate, lively and fresh, this refined white tea from China’s Fujian province is hand-picked and sun dried.

Strawberry Sassafras
Subtle hints of spice complement this summer fruit. Good for a light cup.

(naturally caffeine free)

Pomegranate Pear
Sweet pear calms and soothes while tart and tasty pomegranate adds color and zest to this vibrant blend.

Chamomile Vanilla Bean
Chamomile is joined by fragrant lemongrass and vanilla to create a soothing and balanced blend.

A relaxing herbal mélange of organic chamomile, citrus, rosehips, lemongrass, mint, and hibiscus.

Honeybush, Organic
This South African native’s sweet-smelling flowers earn it the name honeybush.

Stimulating aroma and soothing minty taste have made this an herbal favorite for centuries.

(naturally caffeine free)

Chocolate Chai Rooibos
A decadent treat of antioxidant-rich rooibos, real chocolate and balancing spices.

Citrus Burst Rooibos
Our great tasting organic rooibos is infused with citrus and natural Vitamin C to boost your health and brighten your day.

Gingersnap Rooibos
Put a little snap in your step with this refreshing blend of ginger and red bush tea.

Runa Tea / 4.
(100% organic Guayusa Amazon tea offers as much caffeine as coffee with no jitter or crash)

Rainforest Mint
Runa's refreshing mint blend combines the smooth taste and energizing power of guayusa, with a crisp and rejuvenating organic peppermint.

Amazon Spice
Runa's signature blend combines the smooth taste and energizing power of guayusa, with a full-bodied cinnamon, and a sweetly aromatic lemongrass, in a traditional Amazonian blend.